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Show/Hide header is the division of Fast Internet Technologies Company, a web hosting company.
Another division is, the succesful project on web hosting market.
We provide services to our customers and to any client with a dedicated server at any datacenter, who wishes to use our Panel.

Our contact info:
244 Fifth Avenue #200
New York, NY 10001-7604


  • Flexible system of configuration files generation on the base of templates and the system of their integration on server lets you setup the Panel into any UNIX-like system in the shortest possible time independently of the system version or the location of configuration files. You don't need to modify or install anything on your server.
    The only requirement is command interpreters "bash" and "perl" availability.
  • Control Panel can be very easily expanded. If you need to manage something which is not included in standard panel configuration, we'll add necessary module for you within the few days.
  • You can use modules ordered by other clients (additional modules list will be available on the company site).
  • Centralized monitoring system for dedicated server state lets you know about various problems (such as channel down, high system load, traffic jumps, hard disk errors, file system errors, etc) int a minute's time after the appearance of the problem.
  • Statistics accumulation on our server lets you look through servergraphs of server state for any period of time.
  • Weekly reports will help you to get some idea of server state.
  • If you decide to turn down Panel all your previous settings will be saved.
    You'll lose the possibility to manage server only.
  • Competent support team will answer all your questions about the Panel.


At the present Panel supports IP-addresses, sites, email, cron, DNS ftp/shell accounts, MySQL bases, proxy and VPN management. Separate module Syswatcher supports full control of your server and can create arbitrary graphs.

Panel Requirements to dedicated server

  • command interpreters "sh" and "perl" availability