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  • Panel installing to any Linux/Freebsd WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE. Setup time is around a hour
  • 50% Affiliate payments
  • Frienly ICQ/Email support
  • You can keep old Panel with while moving to new dedicated - all your Panel FTP/VPN/Hosts etc records will stay with you
  • We DO NOT install any additional software such as own http, dns, mail server - we work with existing installation.
  • Configuration tweaking - you can do almost everything with server configuration.
  • Centralized system monitoring: you'll know about all your server problems.
  • Plain and understandable web interface.
  • Clear and customizable graphs.
  • Flexible alert system.
23 Oct 2014
New Powerful Server
26 Nov 2010
Automated payments with Webmoney
17 Nov 2010
10 Nov 2010
New billing system
7 Jun 2010
Support for multiple server on one account
10 May 2010
New simple way to synchronize file generators with last recent version
20 Apr 2010
Twitter for Panel news -
20 Apr 2010
3proxy proxy server support