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  • Panel installing to any Linux/Freebsd WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE. Setup time is around a hour
  • You can keep old Panel with while moving to new dedicated - all your Panel FTP/VPN/Hosts etc records will stay with you
  • We DO NOT install any additional software such as own http, dns, mail server - we work with existing installation.
  • Configuration tweaking - you can do almost everything with server configuration.
  • Centralized system monitoring: you'll know about all your server problems.
  • Plain and understandable web interface.
  • Clear and customizable graphs.
  • Flexible alert system.

19 Feb 2023
DNS CAA records supported
17 Oct 2021
New Powerful Server
26 May 2019
SSL certificate renewed
23 Oct 2014
New Powerful Server
26 Nov 2010
Automated payments with Webmoney
17 Nov 2010
10 Nov 2010
New billing system
7 Jun 2010
Support for multiple server on one account
10 May 2010
New simple way to synchronize file generators with last recent version
20 Apr 2010
Twitter for Panel news -
20 Apr 2010
3proxy proxy server support